Of all the spies that have been in the headlines lately, flame-haired Russian beauty Anna Chapman received most of the attention and now has been turned into an action figure doll, the company Herobuilders.com announced Thursday.

People who want a spy girl doll modeled after Chapman, the 28-year-old New York party girl, can choose between two models. One is Chapman dressed in dark slacks and a white sports bra. Another model is a topless Chapman in a short plaid skirt and knee socks. Both dolls are carrying hand guns.

Herobuilders creates dolls and action figures based on whoever is hot in the news and politics.

In addition to the Anna Chapman action figure, which sells for $29.95, recent releases include a Tony Hayward “inaction” figure that goes for $34.95.

The company’s first action figure was George W. Bush in his famous flight suit and has since made dolls of Hillary Clinton, Rod Blagojevic and the Obamas.

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