Some of these women have super powers, while others simply possess the power of seduction. Either way, their characters had us glued to the TV set, dreaming of an alternate universe in which our favorite shows would come to life.

1. Wonder Woman


Many war veterans have probably met their share of caring and beautiful nurses, but an Amazon princess with super powers? Some guys have all the luck. If only every woman with a split personality was harboring the ability to save us from trouble—and had a costume like that tucked away in her closet. Can we at least get some slow motion twirling over here?

2. Jeannie from “I Dream of Jeannie”


Picture this: You’re stranded on a desert island when you find a bottle, and out comes the most beautiful woman you’ve ever laid eyes on. Not only does she manage to get you a rescue helicopter with the blink of an eye, but she also falls in love with you and follows you home. If it were this easy to find a bombshell to grant our every wish, we’d most definitely be spending more time on deserted islands. And did we mention how good she looked for a 2,000 year old?

3. Samantha Stephens from “Bewitched”


Having a witch for a wife may not sound exactly like a dream scenario, but in the case of Samantha Stephens, an exception must be made. Darrin Stephens did have to put up with meddling in-laws, but who doesn’t? In exchange, he got a gorgeous, loyal missus who was willing to give up everything in favor of a normal life with him. Her mission to give up her powers never quite goes as planned, but at least these two never had to worry about losing the magic from their marriage.

4. Batgirl

(20th Century Fox)

A hot librarian who turns into a crime-fighting vixen by night? If every library employed women who swapped their blazers and glasses for bodysuits and capes after work, well, let’s just say we’d be doing a lot more reading. (Or pretending to, at least.)

5. Jaime Sommers from “The Bionic Woman”


Lindsay Wagner lends her good looks to this role as a tennis pro who thankfully survives a skydiving accident and receives bionic surgical implants that make her stronger and faster… and even hotter. While dating a woman who can run more than 60 miles per hour could be trouble if she ever decided to leave, we sure would enjoy watching her go.

6. Marilyn Munster from “The Munsters


This misunderstood bombshell had no idea how blessed she was—in fact, she lusted after her hideous relatives’ looks. And while her taste in décor and food might make her difficult to take out on a date, we have a feeling that her unconventional ideas of beauty would give the underdogs out there a once-in-a-lifetime chance to score a lady who would otherwise be far out of their league.

7. Agent 99 from “Get Smart”


Maybe it’s that mysterious air about her, but we’d tell this leggy and beautiful agent all our secrets, given the chance. Agent 99 did use her looks to her advantage on undercover missions, but she had savvy detective skills to back them up, too.

8. Judy Robinson from “Lost in Space”


Any woman who can catch our eye while wearing a spacesuit deserves some recognition, and the eldest Robinson daughter did just that. We like living here on planet Earth, but we might give that up for a chance to be stuck in a rocket ship with Judy for a while.

9. Andrea the Android from “Star Trek”


Sherry Jackson only appeared in one episode of “Star Trek” back in 1966, but her sex appeal as an android in a strategically cut-out jumpsuit was enough to last Trekkies a lifetime. If we could get our hands on the technology needed to create our own androids, Andrea would be our first project.