Whether it’s during a sick day or just on a regular lazy Wednesday, daytime TV has lured us all in at some point or another. Admit it, you’ve found yourself sticking through a commercial break to see the highly teased results of some on-the-spot paternity test. So, what are the most unforgettable moments from the torrid tales of daytime TV guests? We’ve got them for you here:

1. Who's their father?

In what’s become Maury’s bread and butter, the talk show host had a couple on to discuss the heavily debated paternity of the 4-year-old twins. The thing that made this particular episode jaw-dropping was that Amanda was adamant that she hadn’t cheated on her fiancé, though their twins were clearly partially African-American. We’re not sure how she managed to convince her dedicated fiancé that the children were his for FOUR years, but a DNA test quickly proved he shouldn’t have been so trusting. Watch the clip to see how it all went down.

2. Sisters squabble over deer troubles

Two gals from Louisiana got into a scuffle when Carol borrowed her sister’s car and accidentally hit a deer. They decided to take their debate over to Judge Judy to get some help in settling who should pay for the damage to the car. But Carol captured the audience’s attention when she described the accident and what she did with the deer after she hit it. “I put pine straw over [the dead deer] and took the antler, and went and got it later… [and] ate it.” The sisters then got into a must-see argument about Rigor mortis.

3. I’m psychic so I KNOW you cheated

Plenty of people go on Jerry Springer’s show to confront their significant others about their cheating suspicions, but one woman insisted she had the best proof possible for knowing her man had strayed—she was psychic, and she’d been having visions about it. She then brought out a voodoo doll and in a you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it moment she sat the doll on a chair and circled around it chanting a hex. The best part of the clip is watching Springer struggle to keep a straight face during her antics.

4. Cha-cha cheating

During a run-of-the-mill love triangle on Jerry Springer, three dwarfs hashed out the cheating and lies that resulted from one woman sleeping with her friend’s husband. But before the on-stage “healing” went down, the cheating woman demonstrated her dancing skills to illustrate how she had lured her friend’s man. Then in a cringe-worthy moment Springer hopped on stage beside her and showed off his geriatric hip shake.

5. Happy handshake

An episode of Ricki Lake in the ‘90s nearly turned X-rated when hypnotist Tom Silver appeared on the show and put a sleep spell on an audience member to give her an “orgasmic handshake.” She then went around the crowd shaking hands and well, you get the idea…

6. Unnatural woman

Jenny Jones gave us nightmares with an episode featuring a woman who calls herself Maxi Mounds for her way-oversized surgically enhanced size 75MMM breasts. The woman claimed she used her figure to lure men into giving her free gifts and trips. Watch the creepy clip above at your own risk.

7. Getting wild with grandma

“Is the man I love cheating with my grandmother?” That was the title of a Maury segment that featured Candy confronting Joe about cheating with her 65-year-old grandma, Carol. She decided to bring him on the show after she found Joe’s sneaking out of her grandma’s room at 4 a.m. (yes, really). Carol readily admitted that Joe had been in her room to sell her a bag of marijuana for $5—but that was it. Lie detector tests proved Joe was no catch, but Candy’s grandma wasn’t the other woman. Phew.