411 Music Week: Chris Brown Ramps Up Comeback; Famous Jacko Jacket Sold

Chris Brown took home the most awards at this year’s BET Awards, marking a year since he took the stage with a Michael Jackson tribute.

Michael Jackson’s red and black Thriller jacket also sold at auction this week for $1.8 million to a Texas businessman who plans to use the iconic piece of music history to benefit children’s charities.

Former 'Idol' David Cook tells us why he took his time after his 2008 debut collection and talks about his new songs. “Early on in the process we wrote a song called Rapid Eye Movement. That's actually the last song on this record. And it just kind of opened me up to this whole idea of sleep is a reprieve and that romantic idea that you can live an entire lifetime in that 7-8 hours of your sleep," he said. "So the record kind of has a feel like when you get done with that last song you want to go back and listen to that first one again, kind of like REM cycles… so it's very carefully put together this record.”

And checking in on the sales charts, this week's #1 on the Billboard 200 is R&B singer Jill Scott, who marks her first time on top of that list with her fourth studio album “The Light of the Sun."

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