Tesla owners no longer have to pay full price for the company's Full Self-Driving feature.

The electronic driver aid, which is priced at $10,000 and does not provide anything close to full autonomous driving, is now available through a subscription program for either $99 or $199 per month, depending on the model of vehicle it is being added to.

The $199 price is for vehicles that currently have the Full Self-Driving computer (a $1,500 upgrade for some cars) with Basic Autopilot and the $99 price for those with Enhanced Autopilot. The subscription is available through the Tesla app and can be canceled at any time.

Full Self-Driving offers the following capabilities:

  1. Navigate on Autopilot
  2. Auto Lane Change
  3. Autopark
  4. Summon
  5. Full Self-Driving Computer
  6. Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control

A handful of Tesla owners are currently testing a Beta 9.0 version of Full Self-Driving that offers additional capability, but the subscription does not give drivers access to that version.


Videos posted by testers have shown a mix of impressive driving ability and failure in real-world situations.