Someone really likes toasted walnuts.


A Fargo, N.D., man returning from a four-day trip discovered a large cargo in is Chevrolet pickup, but not in the bed.

Bill Fischer revealed on Facebook that a squirrel had stashed 175 pounds of black walnuts under the hood of his Avalanche in the engine bay.

"I could only laugh at the situation as it has occurred in the past," Fischer told SWNS.

"This year was a record."


Fischer said the nuts come from a nearby tree that produces a biannual harvest and that he’s previously spotted a red squirrel making trips toward his truck and has tried to use deterrents, which didn’t work this time around.

"I have in the past used a mixture of cayenne pepper and tabasco sauce in a spray mixture under the hood," Fischer said.


The insurance salesman spent seven hours removing body parts to get to the nuts, which filled seven five-gallon buckets, but doesn’t think he got to all of them.

"Some of the nuts I am unable to retrieve. They are hidden inside the frame," he said.



The Avalanche itself is nearly as odd as the situation. The short-lived model features a bed with a "midgate" that allows it to be extended into the rear seat area for added carrying capacity.


The Avalanche could’ve handled a much heavier haul if the squirrel had loaded up the cargo box instead of the engine bay, as it has a payload capacity of around 1,200 pounds.

Maybe next winter.