NASCAR is updating its Cup Series package for superspeedways in order to reduce speeds following Joey Logano's airborne rollover crash at Talladega in April.

The series announced that the size of the tapered spacers used to restrict power will be cut from 57/64" to 53/64" for the upcoming races at Daytona and Talladega and that the rear spoiler wicker will be removed.

A previously optional roll bar near the driver's side rear wheel well will also now be mandatory at the tracks.

NASCAR expects the changes to reduce speeds by 7-10 mph.

The pack at Talladega was running near 200 mph when Logano was tapped from behind and spun by Denny Hamlin.


NASCAR is also adding flashing red brake lights to the Cup Series cars on road courses that will be used in rainy conditions after several accidents that resulted from poor visibility at the Circuit of the Americas race in May.