Lincoln is sold out of 'suicide door' Continentals

Lincoln has already sold out one of its models for 2019.

All 80 of the Continental Coach Door Edition sedans the luxury brand is offering this year have been spoken for at prices over $110,000.

The special sedans are equipped with so-called “suicide-doors” that hearken back to Continentals of old and are being built to commemorate the nameplate’s 80th anniversary.

Announced in December, the custom Continental was engineered by Lincoln, but will be manufactured by limousine specialist Cabot Coach of Haverhill, Mass.

Along with the rear-opening rear doors, they also get a six-inch stretch and redesigned rear cabin with just two seats and a center console.

Thanks to the great response, Lincoln will start taking orders for a yet to be announced number of 2020 Continental Coach Door Editions later this year.