Hyundai and Porsche team up with Wayray on augmented reality tech

Hyundai and Porsche want to put a ghost in your machine.

The automakers have invested millions in Swiss tech firm Wayray, which is developing an augmented reality system that can be incorporated into a car windshield and display animated information.

Along with providing directions and safety alerts, Wayray has demonstrated a program that looks like a racing video game and projects a holographic ghost car in front of your vehicle that you could potentially race against on a real track or take instruction from.

Don't believe everything you see.

Don't believe everything you see. (Wayray)

Other applications include hotel windows littered with entertainment and A.R. goggles, but the automotive products are coming soon.

The company plans to launch a plug-in aftermarket device called Navion next year, with factory installed versions expected as early as 2020.