Ford Ranger leads's 2020 American-Made Index

American brands dominate the top 10 on’s American-Made Index for 2020, with the new Ford Ranger taking the top spot.

The annual report combines several factors, including where the vehicles and their parts are manufactured, along with how many U.S. jobs each vehicle produced supports.

The official data lumps U.S. and Canadian parts content into one pool, but the study attempts to offset this by only considering vehicles with final assembly in the U.S. and giving extra weight to the manufacturing locations of engines and transmissions, two major components. Low volume, fleet-only and heavy duty models are excluded from the report.

The Michigan-built Ranger is followed by the Jeep Cherokee, which was number one last year. Tesla, participating for the first time, placed three vehicles in the top 10, with the Model S and Model 3 rated at third and fourth, respectively.

Honda is the only non-U.S. brand represented. The Japanese automaker's Lincoln, Alabama-built Odyssey, Ridgeline and Passport fill spots five through seven, ahead of the Chevrolet Corvette, Tesla Model X and Chevrolet Colorado.

Below is the top 10 and where they are made and you can Click here for the full rankings of the 91 vehicles that qualify as "American-made" from

1. Ford Ranger - Wayne, Mich.

2. Jeep Cherokee - Belvidere, Ill.

3. Tesla Model S - Fremont, Calif.

4. Tesla Model 3 - Fremont, Calif.

5. Honda Odyssey - Lincoln, Ala.

6. Honda Ridgeline - Lincoln, Ala.

7. Honda Passport - Lincoln, Ala.

8. Chevrolet Corvette - Bowling Green, Ky.

9. Tesla Model X - Fremont, Calif.

10. Chevrolet Colorado - Wentzville, Mo.