The pickup wars are getting emotional. Make that emojional.

Ford submitted this image with its original proposal. (Ford)

The Unicode Consortium has added a pickup truck to its list of officially recognized emojis, following a submission by Ford last year. The final, generic design differs quite a bit from Ford’s F-Series-ish proposal, but the company still celebrated the news.

Chevy Trucks wasn’t having it, though, and tweeted an image of the little red truck being towed by a larger, more realistic Silverado illustration with the hashtag #NotOurTruckEmoji.

Ford’s Director of Product Communications responded that Chevy’s tweet means it can “never” use the truck emoji.


Chevy has left it at that for now, so it’s yet to be seen if it will feature the little red truck in the future, but back in 2015 the brand put out a press released that was composed only with emojis.


Fiat Chrysler's Ram division hasn't chimed in, but last year Jeep got Apple to remove the brand's name from the list of words that generate its SUV emoji because it's "clearly not Trail Rated" like a Jeep