Bill Murray's 'Groundhog Day' Jeep Gladiator for sale at Michigan dealer

A Michigan Jeep dealer has a super deal on a new Gladiator pickup.


Moore Motors in Caro is selling one of the actual trucks that Bill Murray drove in Jeep’s Super Bowl advertisement, which recreated scenes from the classic comedy “Groundhog Day.”

Tuscola Today reports that the truck was one of three that Jeep borrowed from various dealers for the production of the commercial.

“The scenes with the groundhog in it where Bill is driving around town, and the bike scene – where Bill puts a little helmet on (the groundhog) and the Jeep is in background – that’s our Jeep,” owner Brad Moore told the news outlet.

(Moore Motors)

Jeep picked up the truck just days before the Super Bowl in early January and returned it three weeks later with about 20 miles on the odometer and some groundhog puppet hair that’s still in it.

It also has some money on the hood. Since it was never titled, The Punk'n Metallic-color Rubicon model is being sold as new with a sticker price of $57,350 and $5,882 in incentives that bring the price to $51,468.


The Wrangler-based Gladiator is Jeep’s first pickup since 1992 and was recently named 2020 North American Truck of The Year.

Fox News Autos reached out to Jeep regarding the location of the other trucks featured in the commercial and will update this story with its response