Man burns American flag blanket, starts 5-acre wildfire, authorities say

A man who allegedly tried to set an American flag blanket on fire during Memorial Day weekend started a 5-acre wildfire in Washington state, authorities said.

Firefighters from Ephrata and four units from Grant County Fire District 13 responded around 6 p.m. Monday to the blaze near Ephrata Airport and contained the fire, officials wrote on Facebook.

5 acre fire scene

Firetrucks spray scorched earth after a man set an American flag blanket on fire that spread into a wildfire on Memorial Day weekend in Washington state, authorities said.  (Grant County Fire District 13)

No structures were damaged as the fire burned through acres of sagebrush, but authorities said if it had been windy the situation could have been much worse.

Photos shared on Facebook by Fire Disctrict 13 showed multiple trucks hosing down acres of black charred earth in the aftermath of the wildfire.

Authorities were still investigating, but did not release the identity of the suspect. It was also uncertain whether he would face charges.

Though it was unclear whether the American flag blanket was set ablaze as a form of protest, authorities warned it was unsafe to start a fire regardless of political views.

"No matter your political views, we think it’s safe to say we can all agree starting a wildfire is no good," the Facebook post said.