Port Authority bomb suspect pleads 'at this moment, not guilty'

A Bangladeshi immigrant accused of attempting to bomb the New York City subway system told a federal judge Thursday he was "at this moment, not guilty" of the charges against him.

Akayed Ullah was indicted Wednesday on six counts, including providing material support to a terrorist organization and using a weapon of mass destruction.

Ullah was the only person injured on Dec. 11, when he attempted to blow himself up in a corridor linking the subway to the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan during the morning rush hour.

The explosive device strapped to Ullah's body was described by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as "effectively low-tech." Law enforcement officials said the device was ignited with a Christmas light, matches and a nine-volt battery, but did not produce an explosion powerful enough to kill or seriously injure anyone else.

Ullah suffered burns and wounds to his abdomen and hands and made his initial court appearance last month via video link from a hospital bed.

Authorities said Ullah taunted President Donald Trump on Facebook prior to his failed attack, writing, "Trump you failed to protect your nation" and "O America, die in your rage." The president later demanded tightened immigration rules in response to the failed attack.

According to prosecutors, Ullah said the attack was "for the Islamic State [ISIS]" and a response to U.S. military actions in the Middle East.

Fox News' Tamara Gitt and The Associated Press contributed to this report.