NYPD rescues 2 runaway teens held captive in 'trap house'

Two runaway girls from Ulster County were rescued Saturday after being held prisoner in an East New York house of horrors — where their captors intended to forcibly pimp them out as prostitutes.

“THEY FOUND MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!” the father of the 14-year-old girl posted on Facebook after the dramatic afternoon rescue, which happened after the 15-year-old girl managed to send her GPS information via cellphone to her father.

The girls were driven down from Ulster County and into The Bronx by someone they trusted, a law-enforcement source told The Post.

They were brought to a party at a so-called “trap house” — an apartment used by gangs to throw parties and run prostitutes out of, the source said.

There, police say, they were held on the second floor by two men and a woman.

The hideous plan was foiled when the older girl used her phone to “ping” her father’s phone.

The dad notified state troopers, who traced the phone to East New York and alerted the 75th Precinct. NYPD cops rushed to the house.

Arrested on attempted sex trafficking and other charges were Rudy Rocker, 18, Donald Jackson, 20, and Nebahate Derisa, 19.

“Her foster mom was worried,” a neighbor to the younger girl said.

“It’s a typical story of confused kids thinking they’re off on some exciting adventure.”

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