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North Shore Animal League's Tour for Life

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    V30123 – Charlie, Male, 15 weeks old, 10 lbs. Spaniel mix. Charlie is a fun, loving Spaniel mix who loves to play with toys and run around outside. He is a rescue pup from Virginia. Save a life today and adopt a new best friend. For more information, visit

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    T92468 – Tucker, Male, 11 weeks old, 11 lbs. Hound mix. Tucker is a rescue pup from Tennessee and enjoys running around outside or snuggling up in your lap for a nice long nap.

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    IR273 – Nate, Male, 12 weeks old, 16 lbs. Potcake/Shepherd Mix. Nate is a rescue pup from the Cayman Islands. He has fun in the sun chasing after toys and enjoys the outdoors.

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    V32547 – Maisy, Female, 12 weeks old, 14 lbs. Hound mix. Maisy is a rescue pup from Virginia and is your best girl. She is very friendly will eat your heart out with kisses and hugs all day long.

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    C03280 - Ty, Male, 1-year old, 7 lbs. Chihuahua mix. Ty is a rescue pup from California. He’s your typical Cali guy who enjoys the outdoors. He will be your go-to partner for hikes, walks along the beach or just to snuggle at night with.

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    PM2775 - Gracie, Female, 14-years old, 12 lbs. Shih tzu. Gracie was rescued from a puppy mill. She is a bit shy, but loves to receive back rubs and will give lots of kisses in return.

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    H206560 - Benny, Male, 21-weeks old, 18 lbs. Cockalier. Benny was rescued locally and is an absolute heartbreaker. He likes to play with other dogs outside and loves to chew on bones.

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    H206529 - Orzo, Male, 2-years old, 8 lbs. Chihuahua mix. Orzo was rescued locally. This eight pound pup will fit easily in your arm and loves to be given treats!

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    MA2728 - Lizzie, Female, 2-years old, 7 lbs. Domestic Shorthair. Lizzie was rescued locally and has a beautiful grey and white coat. She loves to chase feathers and curl up for long naps.

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    MA2721 - Jacquelyn, Female, 1-year old, 6 lbs. Domestic Shorthair. Jacquelyn was rescued locally and is very curious. She is looking for a fun, loving home to explore in!

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    D48445 - Jack, Male, 4-months old, 7 lbs. Domestic Shorthair. Jack was rescued locally and is looking for a home to stretch his legs in with some new playmates!

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    D48444 - Dakota, Male, 4-months old, 7 lbs. Domestic Shorthair. Dakota was rescued locally. She confident but kind and doesn’t mind sharing her toys.

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