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Gender Neutral Basketball Comes to the Garden State

Essex County, New Jersey -
Most sports are divided by an individual's gender. For example, in basketball, we have the NBA and the WNBA, which divides the league so that men and women are separated and only compete against their own sex.

In certain cases, Americans will hear about a woman joining a male’s sports team, which usually grabs headlines. The divide is usually based on the notion that women and men have different physical capabilities. However, one group in New Jersey is breaking down these walls by creating a professional basketball league that is intermixed with both male and female players.

The league is called the MGBA, which stands for the Mixed Gender Basketball Association. Headed by James Scott and Tamia Colon, the league presents itself as an unbiased alternative for players who wish to compete against other genders in a robust game that keeps physical capabilities in check by the games rules and regulations. Created by Dr. John Howard, the current president of the MGBA, the game pits players against each other by separating the amount of men and women on the court per period.

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