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Hot Wheels turns to the dark side for newest collectible

  • darth-vader-hot-wheels-876.jpg


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Hot Wheels is venturing forth into the San Diego adventure that is Comic-Con. The event kicks off towards the end of July, and the toy car manufacturer will be there to reveal a handful of new scale machines.

One that's grabbing our attention right out of the gate is this Darth Vader-inspired car. It will reportedly cost $40, which will not only get you the car but also an oh-so-awesome light saber package.

Hot Wheels will also showcase a scale version of The Homer from "The Simpsons" and a James Bond-inspired Aston Martin DB5. If you're in San Diego in July, we ask that you stop by Comic-Con and pick up all three for us, please.

There's no word on how limited the run of these three machines might be, but we imagine they're not going to churn out too many.

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