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Al Capone's Cadillac ready to steal the show at auction

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     (RM Auctions)

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     (RM Auctions)

If safety really sells, then this classic car should be worth a fortune.

An armored 1928 Cadillac V8 Town Sedan once owned by Al Capone is ready to steal the show at the RM Auctions St. John’s event in Michigan on July 28th.

The four-door was apparently sold by the Chicago Gangster around the time of his imprisonment on tax evasion charges in 1932, and has spent the intervening years as an attraction in various travelling shows and museums.

The car was painted green to resemble the city police cars of the era, and features both a siren and a searchlight mounted on the driver’s side roof pillar.

Restored several times over the years, the luxurious Caddy was originally fitted with 3,000 pounds of bullet-proof asbestos-wrapped steel plates with lead inserts, and one-inch thick glass. Much of the plating has been removed, and new glass installed, but the rest of the car is in as-new condition.

Along with a drop down rear window that could be used as a gun slit, the windows roll up to reveal holes at the bottom that rifle barrels could be slipped through to shoot from sides of the car.

According to Richard Capistran, the now 93-year-old son of the garage owner who armored the car in 1928, Capone picked it up himself paying double the agreed upon price, and tipped the young Capistran $10 after being told that he helped out with the work.

The car has a pre-sale estimate of $300,000-$500,000.