Food Trends

Pizza Hut makes it even easier to get food faster



You can already order Pizza Hut with a few swipes on their app or by ordering online, but now you can chat with a Facebook bot to get your pizza fix faster.

Pizza Hut just debuted a social media chatbot that allows you to tweet or Facebook message your Pizza Hut order.

The service will start up in August and is in collaboration with the Conversable platform, which launched similar social media chatbots with Whole Foods Market and Wingstop.

Pizza Hut is just starting  to catch up with its rival Domino’s, which already launched social media ordering, as well as an even more impressively lazy service: delivery by pressing a single, solitary button for pizza.

Pizza Hut’s chatbot is pretty advanced, knowing terms like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, as well as the option to order by emoji. (Pizza slice + mushroom + chili peppers + a heart emoji would make an amazing pizza combination.)

You can access the chatbots by direct messaging the Pizza Hut’s official social media accounts. Another great step in the digital dining age.  

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