Taylor Swift's horror revealed: Stalker threatens to kill singer, family in menacing emails

Taylor Swift's stalker is facing new charges after a batch of emails threatening to kill her entire family were discovered.

According to TMZ, Taylor Swift’s father received a slew of menacing emails from Frank Andrew Hoover, from May 2015 to October 2016. In the emails, Hoover threatened to kill Swift and her family and told them to "enjoy the brain aneurysms and death."

The contents of Hoover’s emails were shared in the 122-page indictment. His emails to the family contained crude messages that read, "Decided that we are going to end all the Swifts on one day because I can’t stand that virus s--t your daughter spread." 

Also in the emails, Hoover reportedly referred to Swift’s family as “the evil family of devils,” singling out each member of the family and signed: “Sincerely, the end real son of god.” Another, allegedly warned the family and said, "this article is not a joke and is why god is going to burn them into the desert for me." 

A much shorter email simply stated, "Go to hell, Swift."

In November 2016, Hoover, against whom Swift has a lifetime restraining order, was arrested for violating the order to stay at least 500 feet away from the Grammy-winning singer.

After Swfit's concert at the Formula 1 race track, the then-39-year-old allegedly followed Swift’s motorcade from the track to the airport where a private jet was waiting for Swift and her family. There, Hoover was a reported 25 to 50 feet from Swift's car when bodyguards called the police. Hoover was arrested by Austin police for repeated violation of the protective order.

But Swift’s stalker troubles didn’t end there. Just this Monday, a 59-year-old man in New Hampshire claimed to be Swift’s boyfriend and told police that he needed a gun to protect her.

The man was questioned by the local authorities but was not detained.

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