Video surfaces of Britney Spears singing live

A newly unearthed vintage video of Britney Spears has surfaced showing the singer doing something incredibly rare — actually singing live.

Britney fan site MuuMuse has posted the 12-minute video, presumed to be from 1998, featuring a teenage Spears showcasing her debut album in Singapore.

It was a decidedly unglamorous beginning for Spears, who recorded her debut album in March and April 1998 in Sweden with hit maker Max Martin.

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In the video Spears performs with no band or backdrop, and sings in front of road cases in what looks like a hotel. No audience members are visible in the clip, which has apparently been a prized item among Spears collectors, and there is no applause.

She sings "Baby One More Time," a No. 1 hit globally after being released in October 1998, and has sold over 10 million copies. Spears then sings the follow-up ballad "Sometimes" and "You Got It All," which would later surface as a bonus track on her second album.

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