Father and autistic son break 2.2M hearts with video captured during Coldplay concert

Listening to your favorite band live is an emotional experience for anyone, but for a young Mexican boy with autism it was more like cathartic — and is sure to melt your heart.

Last weekend, the 6-year-old boy went with his parents to a Coldplay concert in Mexico City’s Foro Sol stadium. 

When Chris Martin started singing his sentimental "Fix You," the boy started crying and gesturing dramatically, as his father Luis Vasquez – also clearly a big Coldplay fan – kissed him and hugged him trying to comfort him.

Vasquez couldn’t help but become emotional as well and at one point took his son into his arms while singing the words to him.

The touching scene was captured by the boy's mom and shared on social media, where it has gone viral.

The clip, which was posted April 19, has been viewed more than 2.2 million times.

The video also reached the British rock band, who shared the video on their official Twitter page with the words: “This kind of thing makes it all worthwhile. Hola Luis y tu hijo hermoso! Love.”

The boy’s emotions are vivid throughout the clip but toward the end of the song the emotion overwhelms him and he cannot help but cry and put his head in his hands.

Vazquez posted the video on YouTube with the caption, “Something my wife and I decided to share with the whole wide world. You have to watch it! It says it all! You guys #coldplay please need to see this!”

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