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Britney Spears sued for breaking dancer's nose during rehearsal

A dancer has alleged that Britney Spears accidentally broke her nose when the singer was in a “disheveled and confused state” while working on a video clip.

TMZ reports that Dawn Noel is suing Spears, alleging that she has not been compensated for her medial expenses after the accident on August 19 last year.

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Noel was rehearsing with Spears and other dancers in a California studio for the video clip for the song "Work B---h" when the singer allegedly hit her in the face during a dance move.
Spears was “in a disheveled and confused state” TMZ quoted Noel as saying.

Noel initially tried to continue working but after half an hour she had to stop. She says she consulted a doctor that afternoon and was told there was a fracture in her nasal bone.

Spears’ management apparently offered to pay for the dancer’s medical expenses but Noel’s lawyer Sark Ohanian claims that no money has come so far. 

Representatives for Spears have yet to comment.

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