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Kirk Cameron Searches for Answers on Faith with 'Unstoppable'

'Growing Pains' star discusses his latest film 'Unstoppable'.


For one night only on September 24, in nearly 700 theaters throughout the nation, audiences will get the chance to catch a special screening Kirk Cameron's "Unstoppable."

Cameron's latest film is an exploration of his faith in God, following the actor as he searches for an answer to a question that has mystified people for ages: Why does God let bad things happen to good people?

"It's a movie about faith, hope and love in the midst of tragedy … that's something that I need, and something I think other people would like," Cameron told FOX. He also said it's "by far his most personal film," as it's based on the true story of a 15-year-old friend of his who recently died of cancer.

"My intellectual answers didn't satisfy me," said Cameron, who says he needed to find how God factored into this specific tragedy. "I didn't know how to deal with the wound and the shredding of the fiber of my heart."

Cameron also discussed the snag he hit after posting his "Unstoppable" trailer to Facebook, where it was almost immediately flagged as unsafe and abusive. However, he found that this controversy ended up helping to promote his film. "It was so ironic that the group that tried to stop 'Unstoppable' really put the most fuel on the fire," Cameron remarked. "[They] got more people to buy tickets than anyone else."

"Unstoppable" has somewhat of a unique release, too. "It's going to be in 700 theaters, broadcast live from Liberty University to cities all over the country," explained Cameron. "And it's more than just a movie — so if you get a ticket, you're actually getting a music concert, together with me interviewing people who've been through tremendous tragedy and come out the other side stronger."

Watch the video above for a special sneak peek of Cameron's new film.