George Harrison's Free Love Ways Exposed in Scorcese's New Documentary



And George Harrison was the quiet Beatle?

In an explosive new documentary about George Harrison — produced by his wife — reveals the truth about his womanizing, drug-taking and rock 'n' roll excess.

In "George Harrison: Living In The Material World," those closest to the musician, including surviving Beatles bandmates Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, open up about George's secret side.

His widow Olivia tells how she had to fend off women attracted to him. Macca says that George "liked the things that men like. He was red-blooded."

It is rumored that George slept with Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood's wife Krissie at a drug-fueled party, as well as Ringo Starr's wife Maureen on another occasion.

The documentary, directed by Martin Scorsese, is on in selected cinemas for one night only tomorrow and out on DVD on October 10.

It took Olivia, 63, five years to make. She was married to George from 1978 until lung cancer ended his life nearly ten years ago, in November 2001, when he was 58.

With searing honesty she said: "He was really a free person and did not like to be bound by rules. But he did like women and women did like him.

"And whether he just said a couple of words to a woman, he honestly had a profound effect on them. I was not the only person who had to live with someone who was well loved, so that was always a challenge."

She says the couple grew stronger by overcoming these "hiccups."

He had earlier been married to Pattie Boyd for eight years. They split up in 1974. 

Revealing how he first broke the news of his feelings for Pattie to George, Clapton said: "When we did finally start to act it out I went to George straight away and said, 'Look, this is going to happen and there are already feelings there. And I have to know how you feel about that'.

"It was almost, 'If you want me to stop and go away, I will'. He was really cavalier — 'you can have her'. It had already got to that before — swapping, there was all that Sixties free love stuff.

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