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'Gasgate' Exclusive: Kendra Wilkinson Claimed Gas Attack to Avoid Embarrassment


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Why was Kendra Wilkinson really eliminated from “Dancing With the Stars” this week?

In a video posted by TMZ on Wednesday, Wilkinson err, “tooted” in the dance studio, prompting her professional partner Van Amstel and other dancers to walk away in disgust.

And 24 hours later, Wilkinson was voted off.

“I had to claim it because I didn’t want to just stand there and everyone go ‘whew,’ that would have been so much more embarrassing if everyone was like ‘Ugh, Kendra farted’ but no, I had to claim it,” Wilkinson laughed to FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “I had to claim it, I’m sorry. That looked better at the end of the day.”

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Windy habits aside, the former Playboy bunny became an instant hit on the family-friendly ABC show with her itty bitty outfits and sexy sambas. But unlike many of her predecessors, Wilkinson is shedding no tears now that her run, or shall we say rumba, is over.

“It was actually bittersweet. Before I was voted off I saw my son for 30 minutes and he came to me with my husband (NFL player Hank Baskett) and I got a chance to color with them and hang out with them, and when he left I just started crying,” she continued. “It was so hard to say goodbye to him, and that was before I knew I was getting voted off. But it is cool because now I get to color with my son and see my son a lot more.”

While Wilkinson struggled with having to spend hours holed up in a studio as opposed to mothering her one-year-old, there was at least one benefit to all that training: a better bod.

“Each dance works on different parts of your body. The Latin dances like the cha-cha works on your sides and your calves and your butt, and of course the close hold dances like the waltz really work on your frame and your legs of course,” Wilkinson explained. “So I got the best work out of my life. But I don’t believe in the scale whatsoever. I haven’t stepped on the scale one time since birth. I think it’s a very fake thing. We need to concentrate on ourselves and not what we see in the mirror. It’s about pride and balance, and just being happy with who you are and where you are in life. That’s all that matters.”

In addition to enjoying some downtime now her "DWTS" commitments have ceased, the 25-year-old is also busy penning the follow-up to her 2010 memoir “Sliding Into Home.”

“I’m in the process of writing book number two and it is so much fun. The first was all about my past and what led me to where I’m at today, and now this book is all about my story today,” Wilkinson said. “I have so much to talk about and so many things that people don’t know about me so it will be very interesting.”

Hmm, and it may not be too long before baby number two is on the way.

“When everything settles down I know it will be the right time,” she added. “I don’t want to stress out while I’m pregnant. I did that with the first baby and I’ve learned my lesson, so for at least a little while I want to hibernate and take it easy with the second one.”

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