Couple gets 'parking ticket' at their own wedding

A woman passing by a wedding at a town hall in Somerset, England was appalled to spot a parking ticket on the happy couple’s car.

The white Audi convertible was wrapped in a ribbon and clearly part of the festivities.

These images appear to show a happy couple being given a parking ticket on their wedding day - but it was placed on the windscreen as a prank. See SWNS story SWWEDDING; The white Audi convertible parked outside the registry office in Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, has what looked like a bright yellow parking ticket on the windscreen. Guests could be seen mingling around outside the town hall dressed in smart clothes. Freya Shepherd, who was passing by, spotted the suspected Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and was shocked that a traffic warden could be so mean-spirited.


She snapped a photo and shared it with local media, telling them “I was really shocked. I know a lot of newlyweds get money or gifts but that seems a bit extreme. They are now having to give someone else money on one of the happiest day of their lives.”

Not all was as it appeared, however, as a town council spokeswoman later confirmed to SWNS that “the ticket was a fake one placed on the car by one of the couple's guests as a prank. It wasn't issued by one of our wardens.”