Potato truck topples in traffic circle


A smash-up turned into a mash-up when a truck driver in England flipped his tractor trailer and spilled thousands of potatoes onto the road.


The accident occurred at a Deal roundabout that connects with Sandwich Road.  (Google Earth)

The driver was negotiating a roundabout in the city of Deal on Monday morning when he lost control at the junction with the culinary-sounding Sandwich Road.

The upturned potato truck near Deal, Kent. See Masons copy MNSPUD: A lorry driver was in for a roasting after he tipped over his trailer at a roundabout - spilling potatoes across the road. Mandy Price, 47, was driving with her mum when cars ground to a halt at a busy roundabout. But as they got to the front of the queue, she realised thousands of spuds had spilt across the road.

Locals photographed the accident and joked about it on Facebook.  (SWNS)

The truck and taters blocked half of the street and became the butt of potato-related jokes from locals posted on Facebook for the rest of the day.

"Driver obviously had a chip on his shoulder, tried to take his jacket off whilst driving and had a mash,” read one.

"But let’s not waffle on about his misfortune anymore."

"Driver is in for a roasting."