$400,000 Lamborghini Aventador crashes into city bus

A $400,000 Lamborghini brought traffic to a standstill in Nottingham, U.K., on Sunday night — but not for the right reasons.

Police report that the bright green Aventador slammed into the side of a bus near the main train station in the city center, forcing a closure of the street and causing delays on several transit lines as they worked to clean up the wreck.


The crash occurred at the intersection of Carrington Street and Queen's Road, just outside the Nottingham train station.  (Google Maps)

Images from the scene show the entire left rear quarter of mid-engine supercar ripped off of it and damage all along its side.

The wreckage of a green Lamborghini following a crash with a bus in Carrington Street, Nottingham.  See NTI story NTILAMBO.  A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said: "We were called at around 9.10pm (25/2) to reports of a collision between a car and a bus that happened in Carrington Street.

An entire rear quarter of the $400,000 car was torn away in the collision.  (SWNS)

Police have not yet revealed the identity of the car’s driver or the cause of the accident, but said that no one was seriously injured.


It wasn’t the only recent crash involving a green Lamborghini. Earlier in February, a suspected drunk driver drove his Gallardo underneath a trailer in California. The impact took the entire roof off of the car, but both the driver and his passenger escaped unharmed.