Tesla accused of 'bait and switch' on Model 3 upholstery

Some Tesla Model 3 owners and reservation holders are blowing up Reddit threads accusing the automaker of pulling a "bait and switch" with pricey trim package.


Promotional images show cars trimmed in Alcantara.  (Tesla)

The issue is that cars equipped with a $5,000 premium upgrade option are being delivered with a woven textile material in place of the suede-like Alcantara headliner depicted in promotional images of the vehicle and in cars supplied to media outlets for test drives.


The material is used on the headliner, roof pillars and vanity mirrors.  (Tesla)

While the option didn’t specify that it included Alcantara, some early build Model 3s were delivered to employees with the material on their ceilings and roof pillars before what Tesla refers to as the “premium textile material” started appearing.

Several owners have even posted photos of cars with the two materials mixed in them.

Elon Musk hasn't responded to any of the Tweets on the topic yet, but Tesla issued the following statement to Electrek in response to the complaints:

“As we continue to increase production of Model 3 and produce more high quality cars for customers, all Model 3 vehicles are being made with the same premium textile headliner found in our flagship Model S and Model X vehicles, which has always been planned at this stage of production.”

However, photos of the Model S on the Tesla website still show it with the Alcantara trim.