Pot pursuit: Speeder tosses drugs from car during highway chase


 (Maine State Police)

Note to drug dealers: throwing bags of pot out of your car won’t make it fast enough to outrun the law.

A Maine State Police aerial unit spotted a red BMW speeding down the Maine Turnpike through city of Saco on the morning of January 20th, then sent a highway patrol car in pursuit, police said in a Facebook post.


According to the trooper on the ground, the car initially refused to stop as its occupants began tossing bags of marijuana out of the window. A Maine State Police public information officer could not confirm how fast the car was going at the time.

It finally pulled over after about two miles and police discovered 3.7 pounds of marijuana in it. The driver, 23-year-old Brandon Joseph Dagnese, was arrested and charged with unlawful trafficking, failing to stop for a law enforcement officer, and violating bail stepping from previous drug charges, according to the Bangor Daily News.

The new charges carry penalties that range from a maximum of three to five years in jail.