Jay Leno rides shotgun in Kendall Jenner's Corvette

kendall jenner corvette


Kendall Jenner fell in love last year…with a car.

The supermodel spotted an old Corvette while visiting Jay Leno’s collection and decided she had to have one.

A friend to her family, Leno helped Jenner track down the perfect example: a fully-restored, numbers-matching 1956 3-speed worth around $84,000.

She bought it for herself as a 20th birthday present, and year later its being featured on an upcoming episode of "Jay Leno's Garage."

In the show, Jenner says she won’t let her friends, or even Caitlyn drive the blue and white convertible, before taking Leno out for a spin.

She tells him that it gets her a lot of attention from old guys (well, duh,) who ask her if it’s her dad’s, while her young friends are amazed that she’s able to drive such an ancient machine, especially one with a manual and no power steering.

But while they’re all impressed by her car, Leno asks if a guy can impress her.

“If they have a classic car, yes.”

Well, now you know.