Driver escapes race car right as it bursts into flames

Ben Waddell was lucky to walk away from a scary incident Saturday after his car turned into a fireball shortly after his fuel tank burst.

Waddell is a regular in the Skip Barber Formula Series, but was racing a different kind of automobile this weekend. However, he still knew what to do when things started to go wrong.

When his fuel tank burst, Waddell immediately began to bring his car to a stop and unbuckle his safety equipment, knowing that there was a serious threat of fire. Waddell added in the comments to his Twitter video that there was no fire extinguisher plumbed into the car.

Fortunately, thanks to Waddell’s quick reactions, he was able to climb out of the car right at the instant that it burst into flames.

While fire is one of the scariest and most dangerous things that can happen to a racing driver, Waddell was able to walk away with nothing more than a few blisters.