It sounds like he blanc-ed out.

The Mirror reports that Matt LeBlanc nearly drove over a crew member while filming a segment for the BBC’s “Top Gear” in South Africa in March.

A source told the tabloid that the former “Red Shoe Diaries” star hopped into a Porsche intending to take a spin during a break in shooting, not knowing a cameraman was still lying on the ground next to the car.

Fortunately, another sharp-eyed photographer down the road spotted the situation and began shouting and waving, catching LeBlanc’s attention just before he took off.

“Matt was a bit confused but got out of the car. When he realised he could have run the man over he was noticeably shaken up. He said he needed a bit of time out,” the source said.

LeBlanc disappeared for a few hours, then returned asking “where’s that guy I nearly ran over?”

No one was injured in the near-incident, which, if accurate, was at least the second mishap LeBlanc has been involved in since he joined the show as co-host this year. Also in March, he and racing driver Ken Block were spotted drifting a Ford Mustang around a World War II memorial in London, prompting the show to issue a formal apology.