Castrol developing 90-second oil change system

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The lube job of the future may really happen in a jiffy.

Castrol has developed a new technology it calls Nexcel that could allow car owners to change their own oil in just 90 seconds, much faster than the 15 to 20 minutes it typically takes even a professional service center to complete the process today.

Instead of being poured into the engine, the oil is contained in a carbon fiber cell that’s inserted into a port connected to the motor, and is as simple to swap as the cartridges in an inkjet printer.

The company says it more precisely meters the oil being used and leads to lower carbon dioxide emissions, but hasn't detailed exactly how any of that works.

It's been thoroughly crash tested and proven in a variety of high performance and economy cars, and Castrol claims that fewer fluids are wasted during the change and recycling process, which would save 200,000 tanker trucks full of oil if every car on the road was equipped with the technology.

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The price of the system hasn’t been revealed, but Nexcel isn't just a cool futuristic concept. It debuts this year in the 800 hp 7.0-liter V12 of the $2.5 million Aston Martin Vulcan track car, where it effectively replaces the tank used in a traditional high-performance dry sump oiling system, according to Aston Martin.

However, Castrol says that it’s already in talks with other automakers, and that it could start showing up in mass market production cars as soon as 2020.


Up close with the Aston Martin Vulcan