Ferrari planning return of the Dino

vintage Ferrari Dino GT

Ferrari is planning to resurrect the legendary Dino name after four decades.

"It’s not a matter of if, but when,” company chairman Sergio Marchionne tells Autocar.

Dino was launched in 1968 as a sub-brand of the Italian automaker, and was used on the V6 and V8-powered models it produced through 1976. The mid-engine coupes were priced similarly to the Porsche 911, around $14,000 in the 1970s, but are so sought after today that they command upwards of $750,000 at auction.

While details on the new car have not been revealed, Marchionne says it will have around 500 hp -- less power than any of its current models -- but won’t be “cheap.” A turbocharged V6 engine is the likely choice for a powertrain, which would also help Ferrari meet its various fleet emissions and fuel economy requirements around the world.

Ferrari currently manufactures the V6 engines used by sister company Maserati. Marchionne says an internal review of the use of a six-cylinder in a Ferrari was positive, but that the new Dino must be “done right.”