Ridetech building classic Corvette from scratch in 48 hours

What does it take to build a classic Chevy Corvette up from a bone-stock example into a professional show-quality special? About 48 hours, if you’re [aftermarket suspension company] Ridetech.

This live stream shows the team as it works to repeat the feat of its 48-hour Camaro build, which took place May 16-18, 2011.

Purchased on eBay, the 1972 Corvette was rolled into the shop and work started at 8 a.m. this morning. For the next 40-plus hours, the build will continue, as the team strives to convert it into a fire-breathing track monster.

Three sixteen-hour work days will see the C3 converted from its rather sedate pace to its (intended) speed-demon future.

You can follow the live video feed above, or click this link to visit the official site, which also hosts a live chat (and offers viewing formatted for iPhone and iPad users).

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