EDAG unveils car covered in cloth



Ford may have taken the radical step of reskinning its F-150 pickup with aluminum, but when it comes to cutting the pounds its got nothing on the Light Cocoon.

Designed by German engineering firm EDAG, the sports car concept features a 3-D printed lightweight metal alloy chassis wrapped in a waterproof fabric made by outdoor clothing manufacturer Jack Wolfskin.

The structure of the car is inspired by a leaf’s...the kind from a tree, not from Nissan. The cloth is stretched over a web-like frame that uses just enough material to provide the safety and performance characteristics expected from an automobile. The Texapore Softshell fabric draped over it weighs .33 pounds per square meter. Imagine the difference between wearing armor and a windbreaker, and you get the idea.

LED lighting under the skin creates an X-ray effect that exposes what’s underneath, giving it the kind of razzle dazzle it will need to compete with the other cars for attention at the Geneva Motor Show, where it makes its public debut this week.