Work on next presidential limousine moves forward

2009 Presidential state car

2009 Presidential state car  (Cadillac)

It looks like the next batch of presidential candidates won’t be vying for just the keys to the White House, but also a brand new car!

The U.S. Secret Service has been shopping for a next generation presidential limousine since last year, and is now entering the final stages of the process.

FoxNews.com previously reported on the first step, which was focused on armor system development. 

Typically, a specialist in the area is engaged for that, not an automaker, per se.

However, the new request for information issued by the Department of Homeland Security says phase one is now underway, and that it is moving on to the design, development and production of the actual vehicle.

For that, it is seeking a “Major U.S. Domestic Automobile Manufacturer” that has the capabilities and security clearances required by the contract, the top secret details of which will be provided to qualified candidates.

While the existing vehicles that tote President Obama and other officials around are built by Cadillac, a spokesperson for the automaker would not comment if it is bidding to be involved with the new fleet of cars.

In fact, they aren’t cars at all, but understood to be built on a truck chassis strong enough to haul around the thousands of pounds of armor, bulletproof glass, communications equipment and an oxygen supply for the cabin needed to protect the President against nearly every possible threat.

None of that information is publicly confirmed, of course, and it’s unlikely the specifications of the new one will ever be, either.

(Wait a minute, we drove “The Beast!”)

However the world will at least know what it looks like on the outside soon enough.

The new contracts are scheduled to be issued by August 29th, potentially putting the vehicle on track to debut on Inauguration Day, 2017.

That new car smell. Just another perk of being the Prez.