Drivers confess what makes them feel guilty

Drivers do a lot of awful things behind the wheel, but a new survey suggests that most of them feel bad about it afterwards.

According to the report from, three-fourths of those who admitted to boorish behavior while driving regretted their actions. Unfortunately it’s the other quarter that appears to be responsible for the most damaging acts.

Among the respondents with a conscious, 41 percent admitted to honking at a slow driver, 37 percent swore with kids in the car, 28 percent gave another driver the middle finger, 28 percent hit the brakes when someone was tailgating them and 26 percent sped up to keep someone from passing them.

At the bottom of the list, which also includes not taking your turn at a four-way stop or stealing a parking space, 8 percent said they have dinged then driven away from parked cars without leaving a note, 7 percent flashed their high beams at oncoming cars simply to be mean and 5 percent have keyed someone else’s car.

On the other hand, of those who are unabashedly bad, 75 percent said they’ve sworn in front of kids, 62 percent dinged and ran and 56 percent admit to keying a car; but the most dangerous action for their well-being when they get home may be #4 on the list: 51 percent used foul language with their elderly in-laws in the car.