Designer plants a garden on a bus

Phyto Kinetic

 (Phyto Kinetic)

It could be the ultimate in carbon-neutral motoring: a garden on the roof of your car. For the moment, however, it’s on the roof of a bus in Spain, The Sunday Times reports.

The “autocultural” single-decker has small shrubs and herbs sprouting from its roof. It can be watered naturally or better still, this being the blazing hot city of Girona, near Barcelona, by water from the vehicle’s air conditioning system.

The greenery is planted in a lightweight hydroponic foam that retains moisture and nutrients for the plants. It is attached to a stainless steel mesh that prevents the planted surface from shifting if the bus brakes suddenly.

The concept, called Phyto Kinetic, was created and designed by landscape artist Marc Granen. “My mission is to expand the garden area in urban environments, increase the absorption of CO2 and give public transport a new ecological and tourist attraction,” he said.

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