$7.5 million, 280 mph Bugatti Veyron reportedly in the works



Apparently, too much is still not enough.

Autocar reports that rumored extreme version of the Bugatti Veyron is in the works, but the company is in no rush to replace the world’s fastest car.

“Only after that can we see if there is time and appetite for such a program,” a source said. “It would be expensive and time-consuming, so we must be sure it is worth it.”

Autocar suggests that the output of the all-wheel-drive Veyron Super Sport’s 1,200 hp, quad-turbocharged 16-cylinder engine could be increased to as much as 1,500 hp, and the weight of the car reduced by 440 pounds by using more carbon fiber in its construction.

The changes may be enough to give the Veyron a top speed of over 280 mph, up from its current production car record of 268 mph. But even the existing mark is too much for the car’s tires to bear for any length of time, and it is delivered to customers restricted to 258 mph.

First introduced in 2005 for the then-whopping price of $1.2 million, four versions of the Veyron have been created, with prices rising to over $2.5 million on some models, including the convertible Grand Sport Vitesse.

That’s chump change compared to what the new one is expected to cost, $7.5 million according to Autocar, if Bugatti even bothers to make it. It might not, unless customers demand it, or another car like the Hennessey Venom GT or SSC Tuatara topples its top speed record.

If not, it’ll just keep building the Super Sport and Vitesse until the production run finally ends, possibly by the end of next year, so don't feel like you need to rush to your local Bugatti dealer.