Porsche unveils new zero-emissions vehicle



  • Porsche


Porsche’s latest model is a zero-emissions vehicle aimed at a slightly younger demographic than the company’s typical owner base.

The new Go-Kart Porsche Pedal Car features a tubular steel frame, 7-spoke composite (aka: plastic) wheels, bicycle-quality drive components and tubular rubber tires.

A racing style sport seat is bolstered to hold the driver in place during those high-g-force turns, while both coaster and handbrakes are fitted to slow it down from the kind of blistering speeds that can be produced by someone weighing up to 110 pounds and as tall as five-feet. It even has reverse.

Its base price of $900 might have you wondering just how old you have to be to have a mid-life crisis, but the Go-Kart may be the perfect way to reward yourself after a grueling semester of growing bean plants in 2nd grade.

Surprisingly, the new ride isn’t the lowest priced supercar in the Porsche lineup. That’d be the Baby Porsche 918 Spyder RSR, inspired by the company’s upcoming $845,000 hybrid roadster.

Priced at just $150, it still isn’t as affordable as a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe, but definitely comes with more curb, or crib appeal.