Zero Motorcycles testing 'stealth' bike for U. S. Special Forces

As if the government wasn’t sneaky enough already!

Zero Motorcycles has created a stealth motorcycle for use by U.S. Special Operations Forces: The MMX.

The all-electric off-roader features a nearly silent powertrain, full blackout capability, wiring for infrared lighting systems and a keyless ignition for quick starts.

(Honestly, you DON’T want to try to steal one of these.)

Matte black paint completes its low profile look, and with no intake or exhaust to worry about, the bike can operate when submerged up to one meter.

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A pair of modular batteries provides more than two-hours of riding per charge and can be swapped out for fresh packs in a matter of moments.

A fleet of the bikes is currently being evaluated under operation conditions.

Don’t look for this particular model in showrooms, but you can get the next best thing; it’s based on the Zero Motorcycles MX, which starts at $9,495.00.

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