Retro electric pickup truck is a funky little cargo carrier



  • KLD


This is one way to keep Austin weird.

KLD Energy Technologies, an electric powertrain developer based in the Texas state capital, is licensing its unique oneDrive system to an automaker for its very funky retromodern mini truck.

The Cenntro Motors Kombi looks like a VW Microbus pickup that forgot to take its steroids. The super-cool utility bringing a smooth, lowrider flair to the battery-powered runabout segment.

KLD’s electric motors feature a novel design that allows you to increase their power for different applications. Instead of a single, fixed stator, they utilize a series of modular “stator blocks” that can be added and removed as necessary. It’s like an internal combustion engine that can convert from four to six to eight cylinders.

KLD says the tiny truck is capable of delivering the equivalent of up to 250 mpg, along with whatever is in the bed. It's built in California by Corbin, which used to make the even smaller and just as cute Sparrow three-wheel EV.

Unfortunately, for those we just got excited about letting their infinitesimal zero-emissions freak flag fly on the way to next year’s SXSW, the Kombi is not for highway use, but is perfect for commercial facilities, private campuses and similar settings. Pricing has yet to be announced, but it goes on sale later this year.