World's fastest controversy continues as Guinness puts speed record under review

If nothing else, the Hennessey Venom GT is turning out to be the world’s fastest wrench in the works.

Last week, John Hennessey claimed the production car top speed record for his $1.2 million, 1,244 hp supercoupe, when he revealed that it hit 265.7 mph on an airport runway back in February.

At the time, the Guinness World Records-recognized mark was 267.8 mph, set by the 1,200 hp Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in 2010.

But Hennessey says his is the true "fastest car in the world" because customer versions of the Bugatti are electronically limited to 258 mph for safety reasons.

Following Hennessey’s announcement, a Bugatti representative told that five “World Record Edition” Veyron Super Sports were delivered to customers without the speed limiter. However, a more senior person with the automaker has since confirmed that all of 30 of the Super Sports it produced are so equipped, but adds that owners can have the limiters unlocked when they attend special events organized by the company at its test track.

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Although it wasn’t involved in the Venom GT run, the coverage of the event has led Guinness to invalidate the Veyron’s record, as it says the removal of the speed limiter during the test “was against the official guidelines.” Guinness has not yet announced a new title holder and says the category is currently under review. Bugatti maintains that Guinness was fully aware that it planned to sell the cars with the limiter.

Interestingly, on the same day that it set the 267.8 mph record, the Super Sport was also driven to 259 mph by Top Gear host James May with the limiter reportedly turned on. This would have been fast enough to break the record of 255.8 mph then held by the SSC Ultimate Aero, but Bugatti says May’s run was not verified by Guinness.

In any event, all of this could become a moot point very soon. Hennessey says his car can do 275 mph and that he is currently looking for a suitable venue where he can prove it. Meanwhile, Bugatti announced yesterday on Facebook that it will reveal “the latest example of exceptional Bugatti performance” within the “next few days,” sparking speculation that a rumored 1,600 hp, 288 mph SuperVeyron is in the works. If so, you can be sure Hennessey will have a new wrench to throw in there, too.

"I'm from Texas, home of the Alamo and where everything is bigger," Hennessey tells "My answer to Bugatti or any other hypercar builder will be a resounding 'yes.'"