Sears resurrects RoadHandler tire brand



Sears, Roebuck & Co. said it is bringing the RoadHandler tire brand back to its Sears Auto Center car-service outlets, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company is touting the tires’ durability and 100,000-mile warranty and relatively low prices in an era when tires have become surprisingly expensive.

The name has been off the market for almost a decade, but for many people it brings back memories of the 1970s and 1980s. Back then the brand was prominent and featured in Sears commercials on television and in print along with the store’s Muzzler mufflers and DieHard batteries. While such old brands may seem a bit kitschy, they also have name recognition among a wide swath of consumers.

“We brought back RoadHandler tires to give our customers a safe, dependable tire at an excellent value,” said Sears Automotive boss Joe Finney. “We are excited to re-introduce the classic RoadHandler brand, exclusive to Sears.”

There are more than 775 Sears Auto Center stores in the U.S. and, like many car-maintenance shops, Sears is trying to take advantage of a trend among drivers toward keeping vehicles longer. As cars age beyond their warranty period, owners are more likely to take them to independent mechanics or repair chains with local outlets.

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