Toyota grille takes the crown

It could be the official car of Pennsylvania...if it were sold there.

Toyota has unveiled a new version of its flagship car in Japan, humbly called the Crown, and the big luxury sedan features a grille that's the spitting image of the logo of The Keystone State.

Possibly more extreme as the "spindle" grille showing up on the latest Lexus models, Toyota says the zig-zaggy opening is meant to look like a crown, in a not so subtle tip of the hat to the car's name, but its resemblance to PA's trademark is hard to ignore.

The car itself is a big rear-wheel-drive sedan long favored by Japanese bureaucrats and captains of industry, as well as some police forces - so you can enter your own Keystone Cop joke here.

With prices that range from about $40,000 to $60,000, the Crown is available with either a high-performance V6 under the hood, or, in true Toyota fashion, as a hybrid.

But if you'd rather go low key than keystone, along with the Crown Athlete and its grand grille, there's also a Crown Royal model with a slightly more subdued snout that looks something like a bottle of its unintentionally referenced namesake liquor.

Nevertheless, don't drink and drive.