Ford accused of patent infringement by Pennsylvania company

Ford CEO Alan Mulally introduces the 2013 F-150

Ford CEO Alan Mulally introduces the 2013 F-150  (Ford)

A Pennsylvania-based engineer is suing Ford, claiming that the automaker is infringing on a patent he holds and tried to license to the company several years ago.

In a complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia, TMC Fuel Injection Systems claims that its President, Dr. Shou Hou, engaged in discussions with Ford representatives between 2004-2008 in regard to his “Returnless Multi-pressure-Level Fuel Injection,” but was told that the company was not interested in developing the technology. TMC now claims that something similar to it is being employed in an engine found in the F-150 pickup truck and other vehicles sold by Ford.

The system, outlined on TMC’s website, involves varying the pressure at which fuel is delivered to the cylinders to improve both power and fuel economy.

When contacted by, Dr. Hou would not discuss the case and TMC's lawyer, Robert Sachs, could not be reached for comment.

Ford spokesman Todd Nissan told “we haven’t had a chance to review the complaint, so we are not able to comment at this time.”

The lawsuit seeks a jury trial and payment of TMC’s legal fees plus triple compensatory damages for patent infringement.